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  • Story so far

    After meeting for the first time in the ??Tennessee Headhunter??'s Mercenary Boot Camp, [[:blitz | Blitz]], [[:dame-garwin | Dame Garwin]], *Riley*, [[:crazy-alex | Alex]] and [[:will | Will]] all went through Remedial Camp courtesy of [[Captain Crunch]] …

  • Cyber-Knights


    Most remained loyal to Lord Coake during the War. Gwyn & Roland both stayed loyal, and helped with refugee removal.

  • Wolfgang Foundation

    Wolfgang Foundation has existed since long before the Coming of the Rifts. Known bases: [[Merctown]], [[Lazlo]] (primary base), [[Center]] on Phase World. Position Rank Name Location Gender Race Notes CEO Antonio Marsetti VII Varies Male Animal …

  • Organizations

    [[Northern Gun | Northern Gun]] also known as the [[Ishpeming Republic | Ishpeming Republic]] [[Wolfgang Foundation | Wolfgang Foundation]] [[Cyber-Knights | Cyber-Knights]] The [[Black Market]]