Dungeon Diving PB style

Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho, It's Off to Man'stique We Go...

March 25, 110PA (06/02/17)

BLITZ is brought in by a GAME WARDEN because he instigated a Fury Beetle stampede too close to the city of Manistique, capital of the Manistique Imperium.
All heavy weapons and Power Armor & vehicle have to be checked before entering city.
All weapons have to be checked before entering Courthouse, where Gwyn and others try to talk to the MI Public Defender.
She agrees to let Blitz go, after seeing Sir Gwyn’s Psi-Swords…. and telling him that he owes her a favor in the future.
Blitz chooses to sit in jail.

A Squirrel waves at Sorceress, who has wisely decided to stay in the hotel room rather than risking being noticed in this anti-magic and anti-D-Bee town. She follows the “Squirrel” back to a warehouse which is in fact a Dragon Bar. She quotes Hamlet, Romeo & Juliet, and wants to obtain a copy of the Epic of Gilgamesh, who she’d like to meet.

Gwyn goes into a Spice Shop, tasked by Roland and Blitz with getting some cooking spices.
Upon entering, he notices the smell of decay. The shopkeeper says neighbors had UNDEAD in basement, although they were destroyed/cleaned out by the authorities.
When Gwyn returns to the party, the smell LINGERS. Dimitri identifies as some sort of undead.

Gwyn, Roland, Dimitri go to report to the DA. A Necromancer has a Dybbuk in his basement.
Spice-shop owner shows them to the Necromancer’s home.
A CIRCLE at the far side of the room was still energized as seen/sensed by Gwyn.
Dimitri failed his Lore: Magic roll, but several noted it looked like someone is cleaning up the circle.

The group tells the Jail Guard (female Ogre) there is active magic. Gwyn gives Blitz his new amor: NG Arrow Ride armor (non EBA).
the Dybbuk may be same one as escaped from Fort Muca – MD weapons will hurt them but silver isn’t needed.
Group goes back to the hotel room to get their permitted weapons and armor, to find Sorceress missing. However, they can’t figure skills out to save their lives.

When they return to the circle, Will senses pain emanating from it. Blitz is able to discern that the circle is a travel circle, with the other end not known.

They gather SORCERESS from the Warehouse club where D-Bees can be themselves. ROLAND is permitted to search for her because he is most like them. He uses SUPPRESS FEAR psionic while the others wait outside. They ARE attracting attention. Sorceress at first, wants to continue smoking her Hookah.

Blitz realizes that FAERIE WINGS are needed to activate circle, and tells the group the circle is broken. After Gwyn hacked up the silver-inlaid circle, the smell of BLOOD was noticed by Felix, Roland, Dimitri, and Blitz).
Blitz decides to start gathering some of the silver-infused material, and the room darkens as a female faerie appears, opens her mouth and a black aura emits & surrounds BLITZ as she screams in Faerie-speak (no specific phrases, just words of pain). Light returns & the aura does not dissipate around Blitz. He took most of the circle contents. After dumping the silver, the aura dissipates.

Will wants Wolfgang to store his Bulldog, and he’ll convert it to something more tool-oriented at a later time. He is offered the NG-X40 Storm Hammer (Hvy Assault & Troop Support), FT-005 Flying Titan, and NG-MRU886 Grease Monkey. He chooses the Grease Monkey. In return for having a replacement suit, he will be deducted 30% of his pay.

Gwyn suggests that to get money, the party can go to the Robodome in ISHPEMING, as well as go XITICIX hunting along the old MI/WI border.

During game, BLITZ-player and SORCERESS-player were admonished by other players for in-game antics. Apologies given.



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