Manistique Imperium

Per NG1:

Terrain: Heavily forested, mostly pines; marshes/rivers/lakes

Capital: Manistique
Type of Government: Monarchy
Black Market: significant presence
D-Bees: 2nd class citizens, although more tolerated than in Northern Gun/Ishpeming.
Magic: Officially outlawed. However, as long as it isn’t seen or heard, Practitioners aren’t likely to be harassed by NG-LPO or authorities. Magic Items however – had best be kept out of sight. NG-LPO has been trained to recognize TW items. (see below)
Psionics: No problem as long as not used aggressively
Level of Tech: mix of high & low tech

People of Note:
King _____

Locations of Note:
New Cedarville

Manistique Imperium

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