Dungeon Diving PB style

And so it began...

After meeting for the first time in the Tennessee Headhunter’s Mercenary Boot Camp, Blitz, Dame Garwin, Riley, Alex and Will all went through Remedial Camp courtesy of Captain Crunch due to the spectacular failure of the final test – rescuing hostages including the town mayor.

Upon redeeming themselves, the three were interviewed by Wolfgang Foundation CEO Antonio Marsetti VII. He decided to give them a chance, along with Riley,Alex , and Pathfinder.

When the PCs went to Merctown to get their first mission & gear. They were to find Sir Gwyn in a town (Fort Muca) between New Lazlo and Lazlo.

After an encounter in the ruins of Indianapolis, where they picked up Fingers and Raven while Pathfinder went MIA, the group was ambushed by Coalition Troops. After killing the CO, the remaining 4 soldiers surrendered. Alex killed 2 of the prisoners before being stopped, due to one of his other personalities taking over. The other PCs kicked him out. The prisoners were taken to New Lazlo, where Fingers & Raven bid them farewell.

The party received a Magic Pigeon directing Will more specifically where to go – Fort Muca. They also met up with Dancer who had been sent as reinforcements.


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