Dungeon Diving PB style

Fort Muca & Lazlo

March 19-20, 110PA (02/10/1/7 thru 04/21/17)

Once they arrived in Fort Muca, they realized the town had been attacked & taken over by Brodkil sub-demons, and their Shifter ally who had Shadow Beasts minions.

After hearing the cries of several townspeople, and at least two deaths, they PCs charged through the front gate.

From one of the southern shacks came Sir Gwyn who had been injured previously & was laying low while he healed. He helped the party attack Brodkil, with little more than his Psi-Swords.

One Brodkill surrendered, and was forced to rebuild the wrecked front gate (which the Brodkil themselves had wrecked some weeks before when they invaded the town).

The Shifter got away, along with one other Brodkil.

The item which the PCs had been ordered to retrieve & that Sir Gwyn had been escorting, was an enchanted box. Sadly, several PCs failed their Magic Saves, and the box spoke to them, enticing them to put on the mask within.

?? nearly did, until the party was able to levitate the mask back into its box, and place the box within a bag to prevent touching it – and thus requiring Saving Throws.

Upon making sure the Townspeople of Fort Muca were ok, and allowing the Brodkil prisoner to go, the party headed to Lazlo to drop off the BOX and see what other missions Wolfgang Foundation had available.

After checking into Base, they were greeted by Sir Roland who was glad to see his older friend Gwyn, and Sorceress, who had been directed to the party ??

Blitz was given a shipment to deliver to Silvereno in the Colorado Baronies.
Will purchased a book discussing NORAD. A party stated that they wanted the group to investigate the NORAD ruins. The party met the backers of the venture: Thoth, 2 dragon, and ? and ?

The party was informed of several ways to head west:
*Air travel via Dirigible from Lazlo to Merctown
*Pyramid travel from Lazlo to Merctown
*Overground via:

XP given



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