Dungeon Diving PB style

Is that a Slaver I See?

March 24, 110PA (04/21/17 & 05/05/17)

Just before the party left Lazlo, they added Dimitri to their group.

The party sees a boat in distress off in the distance. Felix heads off to help thanks to his Jet Pack.
Instead, it’s a


The group managed to fend off the monster, after Felix was nearly eaten!

While continuing their journey, they came across signs of a lot of people being moved, along with RADAR readings that indicate a large transport.

It is a Splugorth Slaver Barge with its full complement of Blind Warrior Women and Floating Eyes of Eylor, about 220 miles from Lazlo.

With some spectcular teamwork, with Will shooting half of the payload of his Bulldog NEMA armor, and great rolls by Sir Gwyn as well as Sir Roland closing in, they managed to lower the Slaver’s Armor of Ithan barrier.

The Slaver was killed, and one of the 2 Warrior Women who had been blown off the barge (radius damage from missiles), failed to save against Mental Shock spell cast by Blitz. Another Warrior Woman surrendered to the PCs, and turned out to be part of the resistance against the Splugorth. The captured BWW has been placed into Blitz’ pocket dimension
The other women & Eyes escaped.

The PCs went to the corral about 2 miles away, where 80 slaves were being held, and kept docile by 8 “sleep” casting machines. The PCs were able to discard the machines, and hurry the captives into the surrounding woods while a small transport was incoming.

The transport parleyed with Dimitri, Gwyn & Roland while Dancer stayed alert; Will went into a nearby set of trees.
The transport offered 1/2 of the 120 slaves on board for 6,000 in gems/gold/jewelry, due to the honor of Slayers. Dimitri had those funds.

While Dimitri and the Cyber-Knights debated if they would let the remaining slaves go to Atlantis, Will disparaged the parentage of Voice on the transport.
To which the Voice declared that if they wanted the slaves, Will would have to fight his champion. A champion in Kittani Serpent Power Armor.

During the ensuring fight, the Bulldog took tremendous damage, while destroying the hands of the Kittani pilot. At the last minute, despite the pleas of his comrades, Will saved against a Plasma Axe being planted into his compromised Pilot Compartment (MDC of his EBA was being hit).

The Voice called an end to the fight, and came out in his own Serpent Armor. He told the party that for an additional 12,000 credits of gems & gold.

The party ended with



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